21 3/4"W x 39 3/8"H x 9 3/4"D Adonis Wall Niche (RO: 16 3/4"W x 31 1/8"H x 3 7/8"D)

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Niches have been used in homes for almost 2000 years, first made of white marble in Nero’s home. Most niches are still white, and for many years were mostly made of plaster. Now that many modern architectural products are made of urethane, custom millwork and details such as recessed niches have become affordable for any home improvement project. Niches are distinctive architectural accents. Often used to display sculptures, vases, clocks, plants and flowers, niches are beautiful and functional details that add value to any home interior. They are often used in main hallways, dining rooms, foyers, and staircases. An important aspect of a niche is its ability to concentrate or disperse light, so its placement should be based on the availability of light, either sunlight or interior lighting fixtures. Ceiling accent lights are often added as a compliment above a niche. Niches made of urethane can be easy to install for anyone, simply cut a hole in the drywall and place the niche inside. These niches will also require little maintenance in the future, and offer beauty and value to your home for decades to come. The Architectural Depot offers niches in varying heights, widths, and depths to fit the scale of your home.The Adonis Niche has a prominent appearance defined by bold lines. The robust molded base forms the foundation for two fluted pilasters. An arch softens the design and gives it a touch of elegance. Those in search of a wall niche with classical character can find favor with the Adonis Niche. It is traditionally beautiful and durably made.

The Adonis Niche is molded with crisp detail and dramatic depth in high-density polyurethane foam, one of our most popular, durable and versatile materials. It offers a unique and traditional means to decorative displays. It recesses into the surface of the wall and installs easily without the weight of stone or wood.

Easy installationMade of durable urethaneNiches display home accessories beautifullyNiches are available in different patterns and sizesAdding a niche is an ideal home improvement projectNiches are an excellent addition to your home

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 21.75 in
Dimensions Depth


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Dimensions Width