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Vent Covers

  • Thermal (both against high and low temperatures)
  • Rigid – It is obviously critical to have a final product that is rigid and will not warp.
  • Moldable – We can form the material prior to full canalization to conform to a radius desired.
  • Paintable – Paint adhesion to the grilles is truly important, especially with the temperature variation that grilles are subjected to.
  • Nailable – We need to ensure that resin would have similar characteristics to wood when it is pin-nailed or screwed.
  • Dimensionally Stable – It is important that the resin does not expand and contract with temperature variations experienced with the system – this can cause warping or the failure of adhesion to the resins surface.
  • Moisture Resistant – Our goal is to allow our customers to use Distinguished Design Grilles for both interior and exterior applications.
  • Resin products should not be used on floors.
  • Optional damper to control airflow

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